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Clinical Trial Material Management
The single-source solution for ordering and management
of clinical trial print materials.

The efficiency of recruitment and retention programs is critical to your success. How your clinical research sites access, order, and receive the materials they need is key. That is why CyberChrome has developed an advanced system to give you unparalleled control over the management, print and distribution of your recruitment and study related materials.

Currently used by some of the largest pharmaceutical companies and CROs worldwide, our solution provides your participating clinical sites with direct, highly-controlled access to the materials they need to recruit patients and carry out a study protocol.

A virtually limitless array of materials can be presented and managed, including customized recruitment collateral, site maintenance material and incentive items. Built upon CyberChrome's extensive experience in print production, management, and distribution for the Pharma research industry, our system gives you the tools and functionality you need to make your job easier.


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